Irons & Steamers

Charcoal Iron

  • Antique Iron, Coal Iron, Primitive Iron, Farmhouse Decor, Rustic Decor, Laundry Iron, Door Stop
  • Antique Bless Drake Salamander Man of the North Face Coal Box Iron circa 1890 from DustyMillerAntiques
  • Antique Rare Collectible Brass Charcoal Press Cloths Iron Wooden Handle Decorative and Usable Indian Coal Iron Sewing Studio Decor. G7-899
  • Rare vintage sad iron charcoal iron box iron 1800s cast iron iron collectible antique old laundry tool
  • Antique iron, Cast iron, Old iron, Charcoal iron, Vintage iron, Hand painted, Clothes iron, Atelier decor, Collectible
  • Antique Charcoal Iron, Cast Iron Charcoal, Antique Sad Iron, Coal Iron, Decorative Iron, Travel Iron, Rustic Home Decor, Primitive Decor
  • Antique Coal Iron
  • Antique- 1800s- Cast Iron Coal Charcoal Clothes Iron with Rooster Latch
  • Vintage Stone Iron, Heavy Cast Metal European Press Iron, Late 1860's Antique Iron, Coal or Charcoal Iron, Primitive Kitchen,
  • Ca 1800's cast iron charcoal iron for use to be filled with glowing charcoal
  • Early Victorian BOX IRON and SLUG for Pressing Clothes 19th century Laundry Appliance Downton Abbey Housekeeping Antique Shop Display
  • 19c Antique Cast Iron Wooden Handle Unique Iron With Chimney Sad Charcoal Coal Iron Drake Antique Old Cloth Iron With Funnel. G41-107