Irons & Steamers


  • Antique 1800s Brass Charcoal Iron, Ornate Scrollwork and Detail on Entire Body, Saw Tooth Lid, Latch, Matching Black Iron Trivet, Primitive
  • Antique Primitive Coal Clothing Iron Door Stop
  • Large Antique Heavy Coal Charcoal Brass Iron Wooden Handle 8,1 Kg
  • Antique E.B.E.X. Cast-iron Coal press clothes pressing iron Strijkijzer kolen gietijzer
  • Antique Primitive Coal Iron
  • 1800s Coal Iron with Great Detail and Red Painted Wood Handles
  • Antique Coal Iron, Rare Primitive Clothes Iron, Authentic Collectible Iron, Retro Home Appliances, Old Rusty Ember Iron,Vintage Rustic Decor