Irons & Steamers


  • Asbestos Sad Iron 72-B Door Stop Paper Weight Vintage Heavy 4 lbs 8 oz Primitive
  • Vintage Cast Iron Geneva Hand Fluter Crimping iron
  • Antique Salesman Sampler Sad Iron Small Collectible
  • Sad Iron Miniature With Trivet Dated May 22, 1900
  • Antique sad iron, cast metal, black, heavy metal doorstop bookend, laundry room decor, rustic primitive decor, 1800s
  • Antique rusty sad iron, cast metal, rustic primitive decor, laundry room decor, heavy metal doorstop bookend, 1800s
  • Miniature Cast Iron Rocker Fluting Iron Toy Hard to Find 1920s
  • Antique 1800s Brass Charcoal Iron, Ornate Scrollwork and Detail on Entire Body, Saw Tooth Lid, Latch, Matching Black Iron Trivet, Primitive
  • Antique French Primitive Iron with Lid
  • Antique Bless Drake Salamander Man of the North Face Coal Box Iron circa 1890 from DustyMillerAntiques
  • Antique Primitive Coal Clothing Iron Door Stop
  • Antique iron, Cast iron, Old iron, Charcoal iron, Vintage iron, Hand painted, Clothes iron, Atelier decor, Collectible
  • Antique Primitive Coal Iron
  • Erie Hand Fluter Antique Griswold 3 Pieces with Removable Handle 297 298 Cast Iron Vintage Collar Sleeve Pleats Primitive SALE
  • Antique charcoal Iron with hook k-k6 3 Rustic Cabin Lodge Farmhouse Home Decor
  • Antique Coal Iron, Rare Primitive Clothes Iron, Authentic Collectible Iron, Retro Home Appliances, Old Rusty Ember Iron,Vintage Rustic Decor