Irons & Steamers


  • Original Victorian Crimper
  • Antique 1800s Brass Charcoal Iron, Ornate Scrollwork and Detail on Entire Body, Saw Tooth Lid, Latch, Matching Black Iron Trivet, Primitive
  • Dutch Antique Brass Flat Iron with Inner Slug Made in Holland Rustic Farmhouse Sad Iron Cast Iron Laundry Decor 1800s 1900s
  • Antique charcoal Iron with hook k-k6 3 Rustic Cabin Lodge Farmhouse Home Decor
  • 1800s Coal Iron with Great Detail and Red Painted Wood Handles
  • Early Victorian BOX IRON and SLUG for Pressing Clothes 19th century Laundry Appliance Downton Abbey Housekeeping Antique Shop Display