Irons & Steamers

Vintage Coal Iron

  • Primitive French Large Steel Coal Iron
  • Vintage coal iron, vintage cast iron,vintage rust iron with lid, charcoal iron, primitive antique iron,old heavy iron,military, clothes iron
  • Antique Rare Collectible Brass Charcoal Press Cloths Iron Wooden Handle Decorative and Usable Indian Coal Iron Sewing Studio Decor. G7-899
  • Vintage Coal Iron Decorative Antique Wooden Handle Lion Head Catch Cherry Cast Iron Door Stop Heavy Iron Antique Primitive Iron
  • Antique Charcoal Iron, Cast Iron Charcoal, Antique Sad Iron, Coal Iron, Decorative Iron, Travel Iron, Rustic Home Decor, Primitive Decor
  • Coal Iron made by K-K-O (Karl Kaltschmid, Oberriexingen) in Germany around 1880, It is a bright Antique Box iron vintage sad charcoal iron