Irons & Steamers

Vintage Sad Iron

  • Old children's iron Vintage toy iron
  • Vintage sad iron. Old Soviet iron 3.896kg.
  • Antique Sad Iron, Eclipse Coal, Wood Handle, Cast Iron, Farmhouse Primitive, Country Home
  • Old small iron Soviet toy iron 60s
  • Antique Sad Iron Handmade Forged Ironing Pressing Tool Use as Door Stop, Old Farmhouse Rustic Cabin Country Kitchen Granny Chic Decor
  • 1900's 10 lbs Cast Sad Iron and Cast Iron Sitting Tray
  • Antique Russian sad iron. Old sad iron smoothing iron
  • Antique Miniature Nickle Plate Sad Iron 4 Inches Vintage Decor Heavy Desk Paperweight Industrial Decor
  • Vintage Dover SAD Iron No. 902
  • Vintage Sad Iron
  • Antique large coal iron, red wood handle, rustic primitive cast metal iron, Spanish iron, laundry room decor, early 1900s, door stop
  • Vintage hot iron stand. Old Soviet stand 60s
  • Old children's iron Vintage toy iron
  • Antique Coal Fired Sad Iron, Primitive 19th Century Flat Clothes Press 3 with Chimney, Shield, Wooden Handle, Man's Face on Vent, 8 x8
  • Spanish Antique cast flat iron with wooden handle Hand coal iron for clothes Primitive rustic home decor
  • Antique Charcoal Iron, Cast Iron Charcoal, Antique Sad Iron, Coal Iron, Decorative Iron, Travel Iron, Rustic Home Decor, Primitive Decor